NOS Alive is growing “greener”

One of the festivals goals is to become more aware and friendlier regarding environment matters.

We want to:

  • Promote responsible environmental, energy, social and economic attitudes through partnership with the United Nations Information Centre for Western Europe, highlighting the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030;
  • Deepen the impact and awareness of the festivals public;
  • Improve and increase the good deeds / practices already in action at the festival site that contribute for its higher sustainability rate;
  • Create more opportunities for the public’s direct participation regarding good and friendly environmental behaviours before, during and after the festival;
  • Create and highlight the “green” brand of the festival;
  • Reduce the negative environmental impact produced by the festival.

Some good measures already in place at the festival:

  • strict control of the promotional freebies distributed by the brands at the festival (demanding they are useful);
  • reuse of several types of materials;
  • donation of materials that are no longer in use at the festival site;
  • establishing partnerships with public transportation means in order to expand the public network serving the festival public;
  • use of bicycles and electric vehicles on the festival site.

NOS Alive being one of the biggest events taking place in Portugal, contributes and assumes the compromise of continuously working hard to become a more sustainable event in all of its dimension, raising the public awareness through music and culture.

Sê-Lo Verde

Since 2017, “Sê-Lo Verde”, which is an environmental funding program, has supported some of the good behaviours put in practice by the festival, such as:

  • electric cars used by several productions teams;
  • electric bicycles used by several productions teams;
  • meal tables produced with recycled material used on the food courts of the festival site;
  • mobile transformer stations (from high to low voltage);
  • real time energy consumption control system;
  • bus terminal to support several transport companies;
  • extra bus routes (from the festival to 3 strategic points in Lisbon) to help the public exit the festival area;
  • awareness campaign on good environmental behaviours.

You are part of this!

A “greener” NOS Alive depends on all of us.
Do your part!

  • Choose the public and/or colective transports to get to the festival site;
  • put the garbage in the appropriate container:
    • plastic and metal >>> yellow container
    • paper >>> blue container
  • don’t throw the garbage on the floor;
  • don’t throw cigarette butts on the floor.

By the way,
you can and you should do your part everyday 🙂
before, during and after the festival,
in your daily routine.