After “Jackie Down The Line“, “I Love You” is the new single from Fontaines D.C.‘s third album, Skinty Fia – scheduled to be released on April 22.

“[This is] the first openly political song we wrote,” said Grian Chatten, lead singer of Fontaines D.C., about the single “I Love You” that brings a different perspective to the band’s new work. The song was conceived from the perspective of an exiled Irishman and brings to the band’s reflection their identity while analyzing the political climate of a country that has had a troubled history.

“It’s standing in the center of our beloved home country as a multitude of things are brought to tragic ends in an apocalyptic state of affairs”, Chatten says. “That’s how it feels to me, and what I felt when I wrote it.”

In a clear emotional crescendo, “I Love You” is not the typical love song. Chatten proclaims directly a love for a theme that seems far from humanity these days. And it is in this crescendo that we begin to understand the urgency of what the band feels, while one begins to lose the notion to whom Chatten sings. It is, deep down, an intense and mysterious ode that makes us, spoiler alert: tear out our hearts. All this is exalted in the candlelight video made by Sam Taylor, which you can see here.

On July 6, Heineken Stage will have Fontaines D.C. at NOS Alive. This is the first time the band will play in Portugal. Tickets can be purchased here.