Australian dance music producer Tom Stell, known by the Golden Features stage name and acting with a peculiar golden mask, climbs on NOS Clubbing stage on July 13, the day that closes the 13th edition of NOS Alive.

For Stell, the disguise was the way he conceived to guarantee anonymity, diverting the attention of himself, aiming to focus on the interest of the public only and exclusively in his music. Ironically the mask only attracted more interest in this secret man behind it, however, there is no doubt that Tom Stell’s music speaks for itself and aloud.

In 2014 Golden Features launches the first namesake EP, which puts it quickly on the tables of the main Australian radios of its kind. In 2015 the EP “XXIV” earned him the first tour in his own name and the “Wolfie/Funeral”, EP edited in 2016, led him to the stages of several world festivals. “SECT”, the long-awaited longer-term is finally edited in 2018, after a long year absent from the stages to devote entirely to their creations. This work has come to prove that this is a perfectionist.

On July 13, Golden Features promises to dance on the NOS Clubbing stage.