The Portuguese band, Linda Martini is the latest confirmation NOS Alive’19 line-up to the NOS Stage the 11th of July, on the same day of the announced The Cure, Weezer and Ornatos Violeta.

Linda Martini are André Henriques, Cláudia Guerreiro, Hélio Morais and Pedro Geraldes. They appear to be a reference band of Portuguese rock, increasingly consolidated and adult. It is live that the band shows all their strength and promise to bring rock to the NOS stage with an explosive concert.

Since the edition of the first EP “Amor Combate” in 2006, the band has been quite cherished, either by the public or by the press. Proof of this, are the various distinctions of “album of the Year”, the presence and space of antenna constant in the main media communication and the assiduous presence in national and international festivals.

“The story that they share with each other is long, and the Portuguese public has been watching, with increasing attention, the safe steps they give, album after album, in order to become one of the greatest rock bands in the country.” Mário Rui Vieira, Expresso

“A raw disc to heal growing pains. After the most polished Sirumba, the Linda Martini come back with a namesake disc “Na Cara”. Songs with shooting, from rock without brakes to funk and near-Fado.” Gonçalo Frota, Público

“Linda Martini invades our core. Live hurts even better – on disk it is phenomenal and quickly justified the speed at which tickets sold out. ” Vasco Vilhena, Shifter

At the end of last year, after the re-edition of the fifth album “Linda Martini”, which includes the unpublished “Europeu Comum” and “Óssa Menor”, the band was on the road with one of the most acclaimed national digressions with exhausted dates. This work marks a reunion of the band with the rock “more raw” of the beginnings of this quartet of Lisbon. Today’s Linda Martini can be Rock and Fado, Fugazi and Variações, Fela Kuti and Afrobeat, Tim Maia and Funk, without ever sounding the other thing than them. From Harmony to chaos, from the languid balance to the epic caved.
In 2019 the group returns in large and invades the NOS Alive’19 with an intense and energetic concert.