WTF Clubbing Stage, one of the must-go points of NOS Alive, has just confirmed Moullinex Live for July 6.

Moullinex is the alter ego of Portuguese, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Luís Clara Gomes. Known for the Discotexas project created with Xinobi, a collective that began as a monthly residence in Lisbon and later became a label that, to this day, is a national and international reference.

With four albums edited, Moullinex comes with his latest work Requiem for Empathyreleased in 2021. Requiem for Empathy intends to transmit a phase of resumption, following more electronic lines, away from traditional instrumentation, evidencing a more vulnerable emotional state. The album features GPU Panic, Ekstra Bonus, Sara Tavares, Selma Uamusse and Afonso Cabral and is supported by Pete Tong of BBC Radio, The Fader, Mixmag, DJ Mag, Triple J Radio Australia and many more.

It was in the makeshift studio at home that Moullinex recorded the single “Luz“, whose music video was filmed with binoculars and friends on the balcony. The artist also performed live streams for the prestigious DJ Mag and Worldwide FM and explored artificial intelligence in the visual context of his latest work. The central theme of empathy led him to organize a residency with neuroscientists, musicians and visual artists, in which they developed a performance using the brain activity of volunteers.

Can science and art create empathy? This was the motto that led Moullinex to discover for the creation of this album. Requiem For Empathy comes from this statement of interest by Luís Clara Gomes looking at the heart of the dance floor, offering us, equally, spaces of refuge for contemplation, more digital and synthetic, but not, therefore, less physical and emotional.

A mandatory concert on the first day of the 14th edition of the festival. Tickets are available here.