t-rex nos alive 2024 portugal lisbon

T-Rex, the most listened to national artist on Spotify in 2023, takes to the NOS Stage on July 12th joining the already confirmed AURORA, Dua Lipa, Floating Points, Michael Kiwanuka and Larkin Poe. Tickets are available from the usual outlets and at nosalive.com.

T-Rex’s career began in 2017, but it was with the EP Chá de Camomila EP, released in 2018, that his unmistakable sound – a mix of rap and R&B, trap and drill and other futuristic cadences – began to turn heads. Nigga Poison, Força Suprema, Sam the Kid, Valete or Da Weasel served as inspiration for the construction of his own sound. And it was this sound and the success of singles such as “Chá Preto” (2018) or “My Way” (2017) that filled a date at MusicBox in 2019 in the edition of Saucin‘ Nights. After that, the leap was made in the summer of the same year, when he performed at one of the big summer festivals.

In 2020, the release of the EP Gota D’Espaço reinforces the certainties about the enormous talent of T-Rex, who refuses labels, preferring to invent his own formulas, with songs like “Tinoni” or “Ar” – important assets of this work. In addition to his solo songs, the artist’s notoriety has allowed him to create collaborations with Julinho KSD, Frankieontheguitar, D.A.M.A., 9Miller, Calema, NGA, Mobbers and Lhast, among others.

In 2022 T-Rex edits the work Castanho with songs such as “Pra Mim” and “Toma Conta”, which have more than a million views, and was present on the WTF Clubbing stage at NOS Alive’22, where he performed to a huge crowd of fans who met in communion on a totally sold-out day. In March 2023, he filled the Coliseums of Porto and Lisbon for the live performance of his debut album Cor D’Água which became the most listened to album in Portugal in 2023.

All of this – the tireless stage work, the physical and extreme dedication to their fans, the care taken with the videos and the serious approach to the studio, the production and the refinement of the songs – will be well reflected in their performance on the NOS Stage at the 16th edition of NOS Alive.