tash raisin nos alive 2023

Tash Sultana, one of Australia’s most interesting musical projects of recent times, is the new confirmation for the Heineken Stage on July 8, at the 15th edition of NOS Alive.

Tash started playing guitar at the age of 3, after receiving the instrument as a gift from his late grandfather. From there, at age 13, he started playing open mic nights until the viral video recording of ‘Jungle’, recorded in his bedroom in 2016, that launched Tash Sultana to the world.

Not much time followed before their ARIA-winning debut album Flow State became a huge success with several platinum and gold singles, as well as ‘Jungle’ reaching double platinum and ‘Mystik’ amassing over a billion streams worldwide.

The second album,

Terra Firma

led to new heights with the singles ‘Coma’ or ‘Greed’ where his own style is evident, wrapped in a dazzling patchwork of neo soul, funk, R&B, folk, rock, hip-hop, among many other styles. The result is Tash’s most ambitious triumph to date.

Tash Sultana has been breaking records non-stop on sold-out tours, and in 2019, has managed to sell over half a million tickets worldwide. He will take the Heineken Stage on July 8 to perform at the 15th edition of NOS Alive. Tickets are already on sale