girl in red nos alive 2023

girl in red is the new confirmation for the 15th edition of NOS Alive. This is the indie rock/pop sensation’s debut on the Heineken Stage on July 7.

In 2018, with the release of her first major single “i wanna be your girlfriend,” Marie Ulven made a name for herself as a talent to watch out for in the various media, garnering fans in the four corners of the world who surrendered to her lyrics, sometimes hopelessly romantic or painfully direct, combining them harmoniously with the arrangements and productions she made by herself.

Instead of nursing the emotional wounds of a relationship breakup or the pains of unrequited love, Ulven, then a teenager on the verge of adulthood, chose to process and heal in front of her growing audience with a series of EPs and singles.

Her debut album, if i could make it go quiet launched in April 11th, 2021, began at home with a process of writing and recording 11 demos, then asking her father for his car and driving from Oslo to Bergen on an 8-hour trip so that she could work further on her album. Based among majestic fjords by the North Sea, Marie has found the formula for her studio debut here, on an album full of things we wish we could say to others, but we say to ourselves.

Produced by herself, Matias Tellez, and Finneas, if i could make it go quiet is a record without limits, where betrayal, lust, longing, and the struggle against depression are themes exposed by Marie Ulven, as she distorts and re-imagines the sounds coming out of her piano and guitar. She explores the limits of the human condition and its radical acceptance in “Body And Mind,” proudly addresses sexual liberation with sunny chords in “hornylovesickmess,” and reveals that she wants more than an unavailable partner in “midnight love.”

if i could make it go quiet is the personification of girl in red in its purest, most honest and elevated form: Marie Ulven has never been braver, and her music accompanies this sentiment.

On July 7, the Heineken Stage will host for the first time Girl in Red, in a concert not to be missed.