On the first day of the 15th edition of NOS Alive, the WTF Clubbing joins the already confirmed Yaya Bey a deluxe lineup: Throes + The Shine, Kelman Duran & Pedro da Linha, Club Makumba, Nídia and Ana Lua Caiano complete the stage program on July 6th which is already completely sold out.

On a journey that navigates between the energetic explosive rhythms of Throes + The Shine; the experimental and tribalist lusophony of Club Makumba; the back to back between Afro-Caribbean rhythms of the Dominican Kelman Duran and the sound matrix electronics of the Lisbon suburb of Pedro da Linha; the contemporary electronics of Nídia; the fusion of Portuguese traditionalism, current electronics and the “everyday sounds” of Ana Lua Caiano and the powerful R&B of Yaya BeyThe first day of WTF Clubbing will be the stage for a multi-cultural sound where presence is a must.