NOS Alive’19 reveals another great national name that joins line-up of the 13th edition.
The DJ and producer Stereossauro, is the recent confirmation of the NOS Clubbing Stage, on July 11th. The musician leads at Passeio Marítmo de Algés the new studio work, “Bairro da Ponte”, which was presented to fans in an absolutely extraordinary sold concert at the Lux Frágil.

Stereossauro embarks on a new and ambitious adventure as an author. “Bairro da Ponte” comes to unite the universes of hip-hop and fado, two coordinates that have fueled her imagination and creativity. The new album succeeds “Bombas em Bombos”, its first album in its own name edited in 2014. This is the most ambitious work of the Stereossauro career, in which it creates an astonishing work of fusion between tradition and modernity.

Stereossauro career can be analyzed from different angles: The battle DJ that part of the duo Beatbombers together with DJ Ride and that has collected world titles, the producer who has scattered beats by the discs of some of the most relevant current MCs, the Scratcher present in works of MGDRV or B Skilla, or the artist tremendously passionate about the reinvention of Portuguese music that has sought to find new coordinates to present the music of the Clã or Zeca Afonso, de Amália, Sérgio Godinho or Carlos Paredes.
July 11th Stereossauro will take charge of NOS Clubbing Stage at NOS Alive ‘ 19.