Stromae, one of the most versatile artists of recent years, released his latest single “L’Enfer”, live on French television. The moment took place live in one of the most viewed news in the world, tf1 channel, where the author of “Papaoutai”, debuted the track following an interview for that same newspaper. When asked if the song helped him rid him of his dark thoughts during a question-and-answer session with journalist and host Anne-Claire Coudray, Stromae responds with the track.

Stromae is candid about his mental health in “L’Enfer”, the new single instrumentalized by a piano in which the artist explores themes of loneliness and depression, revealing that he had suicidal thoughts in the past. “I’ve considered suicide a few times and I’m not proud of it/Sometimes you feel it would be the only way to silence them,” sings the Belgian artist on the track. “All these thoughts put me in hell/All these thoughts put me in hell.” He also spoke about the inclusiveness and challenges faced by the working class, adding: “let’s toast the conquerors of the most difficult hours of work.”

This interview follows the presentation of the new album, Multitude, with an edition scheduled for March 4, of which “L’Enfer” is the second single. In October 2021 the artist released the first single, “


“, which has over 25 million views on YouTube.

Stromae is confirmed to perform on nos’s NOS Alive Stage on July 6, the same day they perform on the Algés Promenade The Strokes, The War on Drugs, Jungle, Mallu Magalhães and more. Tickets for the 14th edition are available here.