July 13th has another strong name of the electronic scene. Trikk, the young talent and national pride, joins the already announced Bob Moses, George Fitzgerald, Tourist and Golden Features on the NOS Clubbing stage.

Trikk is for many one of the artists not to lose sight of. From Invicta to the British capital unearth the ground within the music House, creating a small riot online around it that aroused the interest of people like George Fitzgerald who promptly “grabbed” it for his publisher Man Make Music.

Endowed with excellent control of the fluidity of the track through its productions, which already came out by publishers such as Get Physical, Hypercolour, Pets Recordings, Container or Terrain Ahead, also demonstrates an extraordinary ability to make a simple 4×4 track into something viral that will infect anyone who hears it. It is “serious” and at the same time smooth and restrained to the right extent, composing that kind of electronic music that makes traveling for hours without tiring.

ON July 13th, the NOS Clubbing stage will not give reasons to cool the track.