NOS Alive’19 continues to add big names to the line-up and comes with new confirmation for the Sagres Stage. On July 12th, Cut Copy acts on Passeio Marítimo de Algés, on the same day of the already announced Vampire Weekend (NOS stage), Tash Sultana, Pip Blom (Palco Sagres) and curatorship Bridgetown (NOS Clubbing stage), which counts with Saint Jhn, Plutonio, Lé Vie, Dillaz, Trace Nova, Nubai Soundsystem and Carla Prata.

The Australians bring to Portugal the fifth album “Haiku From Zero”, edited in 2017 and successor of “Free Your Mind” (2014). For the band this is arguably the disc with the greatest sound diversification, with an excels production and undoubtedly the most opportune of its career. This new record has been recorded in several studios around the world and includes singles such as “Airborne”, produced by Ben Allen (Deerhunter, Animal Collective), and “Standing in the Middle of the Field”.

Dan Whitford explains that “this album speaks mainly about the current information pattern, images that surround us on a daily basis.” Be it via internet or press, or just the world in general. We are bombarted by an excess of images and information that seem to accumulate around us. Sometimes it seems an overload, however, there is a strange random beauty around it. The title of the album arises precisely from the idea of squeezing the poetry of chaos – the idea of finding something poetic in the overload. “

When Cut Copy released the debut album “Bright Like Neon Love” In 2004, the Australian band entered a musical cosmos that constantly didn’t know what to do with them. A marriage between electro-pop aesthetics, with the sensitivity of an indie rock band, the group was not considered fish or bird, which made them so special. Five albums later and 10 years of a brilliant career, the Cut Copy managed in a very clever way to develop their sounds while perfeced them. The themes of the new album are some of the most captivating and astute ones that have recorded, while they are sonorously an adventure.

According to Dan is this kind of balance that the band always sought, even when they had not noticed “we Had modest goals at first, which I think led us to overcome the ceiling that we thought to be possible very early… And things kept happening. Since then, everything seems like a blessing to us. I Believe our goals have not changed radically. We want to keep recording discs and doing different things. We don’t want to be questioning ‘ and if we did that ‘. Life is short. The goal is still to try to do everything. “